Non-Fuel Disposal

Non-Fuels Program is an important part of Rineco’s Total Waste Management offering. Rineco’s Non-Fuels Program services all of your waste disposal needs safely, effectively, and conveniently.

Not all wastes are conducive to Rineco’s state of the art Fuels Blending process. For wastes requiring alternative waste disposal technologies, Rineco offers convenient Non-Fuels Services. Utilizing a nationwide network of audit and approved alternative waste disposal facilities such as landfills, incinerators, waste water treatment, metals recovery and solvent recycling facilities. Rineco provides a single source solution to disposal needs.

Whether the volume of the waste is less-than-truckload or full truckload, Rineco’s Non-Fuels Services can accommodate your diverse needs. Rineco manages waste by sending it directly to an alternative facility or through Rineco’s Part B permitted facility in Arkansas. Rineco’s Total Waste Management Program services all of your waste disposal needs safely, effectively, and conveniently.


Non-Fuels Services

With one service company to hold accountable, Rineco can manage waste more conveniently and effectively. One contact, one quotation, one pickup, one invoice, and one management company reduce the time required to manage waste.

Rely on a nationally recognized sales and customer service team to accomplish the challenging task of managing many types of wastes.


Approved Facilities

Rineco’s mission is to reduce both risk and long term liability for its customers. Rineco conducts a thorough audit of its network of Non-Fuel facilities. Facilities must demonstrate compliance with pertinent regulations, demonstrate a safe work history, undergo financial review, and pass Rineco’s operating quality standards in order to be approved.


Rineco’s customers can limit the number of facilities and technologies utililized on a waste stream by waste stream basis. Rineco also offers waste tracking reports to support its commitment to this service.


Turnkey Service Provider

Rineco is a turn-key service provider. Our sales and customer service team manage all aspects of waste disposal services including profiling, scheduling, shipping document preparation, discrepancy resolution, and invoicing.


Rineco’s Non-Fuels Services begins with a description of the waste’s composition. Each waste is checked for compatibility with the network of facilities. Quotations are based on information provided. Once accepted, waste is scheduled and tracked through all phases of the shipment.

Waste Types…


Typical examples of Non-Fuels waste materials include:

  • Reactives/Polymerizable’s
  • Waste Water
  • Inorganic Liquids/Sludge/Solid
  • Non-Regulated Liquids/Sludge/Solids

Waste Technology

Rineco’s network of approved facilities employs various technologies to effectively manage waste streams. Appropriately selected technologies ensure proper handling of Non-Fuels waste, thus reducing customer risk and liability. These technologies include:

  • Incineration
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Solvent Reclamation
  • Specialized Operations


For more information regarding Rineco’s Non-Fuels Services, call your Rineco representative.