Non-Regulated Disposal

Our Non-Regulated Disposal Program is another vital component of our Total Waste Management offering. Although non-regulated waste is not under RCRA jurisdiction, long term exposure issues may still be a concern. Rineco can alleviate those concerns by offering a solution that totally destroys the material, and greatly reduces your exposure.

Our Non-Regulated Program is a state-of-the-art “blending” program that utilizes non-regulated waste-to-energy and water treatment disposal technologies. This program offers the following benefits:

  1. A much needed Green Energy source is created.
  2. Short-term, Long-term liabilities reduction as a result of the blending process. Eliminate chances of access to sources.
  3. State of the art processing by the single largest source waste processor.
  4. Reduces cost as over traditional disposal.
  5. Versatile profile acceptance criteria for maximum flexibility.
  6. Total Waste Management service.


Rineco’s Non-Regulated Disposal program is backed by a team of experts assigned specifically to the segregated non-reg processing area. This team has undergone the same rigorous RCRA, DOT, and OSHA training as our RCRA operations teams. Safe, efficient and effective handling methods are the priority in this area as well. Regulatory audits are conducted daily in the non-reg area, to ensure your waste is managed appropriately.

Rineco’s Non-Fuels Program services all of your waste disposal needs safely, effectively, and conveniently. Non-regulated wastes can be shipped using a Bill of Lading, non-regulated manifest or as an additional line item on your RCRA shipment already bound for Rineco. Once your waste arrives, it is inventoried by a bar coding system that tracks the waste through the disposal process. Samples are then taken from the containers and analyzed. The material is then processed by Rineco. The processed material is transferred to Rineco’s approved outlets where it is treated via waste-to-energy or water treatment technologies. The steam that is generated from the waste-to-energy process is used as an alternative energy source.

Rineco’s Non-Regulated Disposal Program is a state of the art non-hazardous waste processing facility. Our non-regulated waste customers can benefit from the experience gained from our hazardous processing. Trust Rineco to manage your streams that are not regulated under RCRA but represent potential long term liabilities to your company.