Rineco can dispose of your aerosols in our new state-of-the-art can crusher.

Rineco continues to find innovative ways to dispose of waste.  We have designed a can crusher that will recycle all parts of the aerosol can, including the liquid.  The aerosol cans are punctured in an inert, enclosed environment and any volatile propellants are removed and incinerated.  The liquids are separated from the cans and are sent to our fuels program.  The empty cans are recycled.

At Rineco our story starts when we were founded in 1986 for the purpose of developing regulated waste fuel blending. Through the use of a solid and liquid blending process, Rineco manufactures waste-derived fuel that is used as a secondary fuel source to replace coal and natural gas in cement kilns.Rineco is an innovative waste management company centrally located in Haskell, Arkansas, 30 miles southwest of Little Rock. Since its founding, Rineco has established itself as a dynamic leader in the waste management industry servicing over 2,500 large and small quantity generators throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and numerous Fortune 500 companies. Rineco is situated on 273 acres of heavy industrial limited zoned land.

Operating on the “Cradle to Grave” philosophy on which the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act was founded, Rineco ensures waste materials are managed safely and in compliance with all regulations. Under the RCRA Part B permit, our permit allows for storage of 11,896 55-gallon drum equivalents of containers and 240,000 gallons of tank storage capacity. Our process, financial stability and capabilities have allowed us to be a leader in the industry.

Over the years, Rineco has grown into a total waste management company offering all aspects of environmental services and waste management for fuel and non-fuel streams alike. Rineco provides a one source solution for the diverse waste management needs of businesses. We are fully permitted and committed to minimizing your risk and liability by providing safe and efficient waste material handling through a single INNOVATIVE WASTE MANAGEMENT company.